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John Druitt and Helen Magnus

Montague John Druitt, known as John, and Dr. Helen Magnus are two of the main characters in the television series Sanctuary, produced by the SyFy network and filmed primarily in Vancouver. John Druitt is based on a real-life character of the same name who was suspected of being Jack the Ripper; the difference here is that Sanctuary's John actually is and is still alive, whereas the original Druitt committed suicide in December 1888, and could never be proven to have had a part in said murders. John and Helen Magnus have, thanks to an experiment in their youth, lived over a century (Helen is 157 at the start of the series, putting her date of birth at 1850, and the real-life Montague Druitt was born in 1857), along with three of their friends. Helen's gift was immortality, John's the ability to teleport, though we are also told that he already suffered from some ailment prior to the experiment (this may have been a reference to the hereditary mental illness in Montague Druitt's line). John was Helen's first patient, and the two were once engaged to be married, prior to Helen's discovery of his crimes, when she shot and almost killed him. He is the father of her daughter, Ashley.

[I leave this here for those who may or may not have been able to see the second season of Sanctuary as of the date of this fanlisting's opening; I don't want to spoil anyone.]